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Our Lagoon is looking so beautiful and is a beloved focal point in our fine city.  Park District staff work hard to keep the Lagoon a healthy, thriving aquatic ecosystem that provides a pleasant place to visit for boating, fishing, taking a walk or just sitting and watching nature.

With the summertime temperatures rising algae growth becomes very active.  You may notice green “swirls” of growth at the surface of the water.

This is an aquatic plant called Planktonic Algae.  Planktonic algae are microscopic plants that live in every drop of pond water. These primitive creatures are extremely important to the aquatic ecosystem because they are the base for the food chain and are largely responsible for the chemistry of the pond. Planktonic algae are important because they produce oxygen and food for the animals that live in the pond. 

With any ecosystem there is a balance between beneficial and harmful.  If allowed to grow uncontrolled the algae can become harmful.  To combat this we will begin applying products to kill off some of the algae but not all of it.  These products are completely safe for humans, fish, and waterfowl.

So if you see Park District employees spraying the algae along the banks of the lagoon please understand that it is part of a controlled process to maintain a healthy aquatic ecosystem in our Lagoon, but that we will not be removing all of the algae as it is a necessary contributor to the health of the Lagoon.




Phew, is it hot!  It figures this would be when our Sports Complex irrigation system decides to malfunction.

As you visit the sports complex over the next several weeks and notice that our grass is turning brown and going dormant, please know that it is not dying.  The species of grass we have planted out there is Kentucky Blue Grass.  When it experiences drought conditions, it goes dormant and turns brown.  The turf will return to a green luster as soon as we get the irrigation system operational.

Parts are ordered, but like everything in these hectic times there is a long lead-time for delivery and installation.

We assure you that Park District staff is doing everything in their power to correct the situation as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


The Pekin Park Board of Commissioners Adopted A Health and Wellness Policy

April 8, 2021

The Pekin Park District worked with the Illinois Public Health Institute and Tazewell County Health Department to develop a Health and Wellness Policy for the Park District. The Pekin Park District was identified as a key community organization to adopt and implement such a policy. The policy focuses on Nutrition, Physical Activity, Local Purchasing and Sustainability, and includes ways to educate, monitor and communicate the implementation of these policies to staff and the public.

For background, the Illinois Public Health Institute (IPHI) has a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) called the Illinois State Physical Activity and Nutrition (ISPAN) program. The ISPAN program advances initiatives related to nutrition and physical activity in order to help support the health of Illinoisans, especially low-income and rural communities, and communities of color. The ISPAN program prioritizes three regions in the state, including the Tazewell, Peoria, Woodford Tri-County region.

The Tazewell County Health Department (TCHD) has partnered with IPHI through ISPAN to work with important community organizations to provide healthier food options to the communities they serve. As an organization integral to the fabric of Pekin, the Pekin Park District was identified by the TCHD as a critical partner in local efforts to help our community members live healthier lives. In accordance with our mission to improve quality of life for the district’s residents, the Pekin Park District anticipates this policy will solidify our continued dedication to the health and wellness of our employees, communities and environment.

Check out our policy here! For questions about our policy, please contact Cameron Bettin, Executive Director of the Pekin Park District at cbettin@pekinparkdistrict.org. To learn about opportunities for your organization to develop their own policy, reach out to Kathryn from the Illinois Public Health Institute at Kathryn.Bernstein@iphionline.org.




Mineral Springs Park Project Updates

The Boating on the Lagoon will be getting a new boat dock in the coming weeks. The old dock will be removed and a new floating dock system will be installed. As of right now, the plan is to open the boats in mid-May.

As most of you are probably aware, the Popcorn Stand will not be opening this summer. The decision was made after the 2020 summer season to close the facility because it had been too expensive to operate and not generating enough revenue to keep it open. It was also decided to turn the stand into our Park Police Department headquarters instead of having them stationed at the Pavilion.

Drinking fountains will not be turned on to start the spring/summer season per the Phase 4 Guidelines. As soon as we are able, we will turn them on. So, plan on coming to the park with your own filled water bottle or purchase water/soda at one of our vending machines once they are up and running. Also, once DragonLand Water Park is open and during their normal operating hours of Noon to 5:00 pm daily, the concession stand will be available for you to purchase food from the outside window along Dragon Drive. The Magic Dragon Mini Golf has some packaged concession goods available for purchase as well.




The Mineral Springs Park Playground is completed except for a roller slide that has not been installed. You will notice where this is because it has been closed off for safety reasons. Unfortunately, a piece of the slide came damaged and is on order to be replaced. We are expecting the replacement piece to be delivered the 3rd or 4th week in April, and it will be installed soon after. Also, there are some new tandem swings that were not able to be installed because all the parts were not delivered. Other than those couple items, the playground is complete and open ahead of schedule. Enjoy and play safe!

The Royal Avenue restrooms are now open.

Another item our Parks Department will be addressing when the weather warms up on a more consistent basis is painting the swing sets so they have a fresh coat of paint on them. When that work is to be done, we will post notices at the playground and on social media as to when they will be closed off.


Pekin Park District
Board of Commissioners

Approves Strategic Plan

November 29, 2018

Click to view:
"Moving Forward" - A Strategies
Blueprint 2018-2021


Enjoy an aerial view of Mineral Springs Park, courtesy of Bland Productions: http://vimeo.com/109396331




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