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Learn to Swim lessons are held during the summer months and promote water safety, comfort, and stroke technique at all levels of swimming. Our swimmers progress at their own rate depending on age, water comfort, listening skills, and motivation. Students are continually assessed and as they pass the skills required at each level, progress onto the next skill level.

When air temperature is cool or the weather condition is questionable, it is still possible that classes will be held. Classes will be cancelled only in the case of severe weather. Please call the Program Cancellation Line at (309) 226-4060 to get a weather update. If possible, we will inform you of the make-up date at that time.

See the Park District Program Book for dates, times, and fees.

What to do the first day of swim lessons:

  1. Park in the parking lot next to Miniature Golf.
  2. Enter DragonLand through the side gate of the grassy area.
  3. Go to the concession seating area your name will be called by your instructor.
  4. Instructors will tell the students where to meet for of your session.
  5. Parents and caregivers are welcome to sit in the lounge area and relax for 35 minutes (ahhh....life is good!).

Tadpoles (5 mos - 2 years)
A parent and child class designed for the little swimmer, where parents experience bonding time. A gentle and loving approach teaches students and caregiver water adjustment, water safety skills and swim skills at their own pace. Swim skills are taught through happy songs and fun age appropriate games. Tadpoles will also learn gross motor skills, socialization skills, controlled breathing and water buoyancy.

Pollywogs (3 - 4 years)
A water adjustment class designed especially for 3 - 4 year olds that develops swimming skills and enhances independence. Pollywogs swim independently without parent or caregiver. The goal for the Pollywog is water safety, water comfort and beginning swim skills all through water play. This is the basic "Fun"damental class for all swimmers.

Minnows (5 - 6 years)
Minnows expand the skills they were taught in Pollywogs. This level works on breath control, floating and beginning arm crawls. Minnows will begin to move through the water fluently forwards and begin working on backstrokes. This class is still filled with the "Fun"damentals needed to become a swimming star.

Swimming Stars (7 years - Adult)
Swimming stars should have the knowledge of the front crawl and back stroke. Swimming stars will continue to practice strokes and backstroke with emphasis on water safety, underwater diving and treading skills. Swimming Stars are moving with speed and skill.

Swimming Super Stars (7 years - Adult)
Swimming Super Stars will master the front crawl and backstroke through lap practice. Swimming Super Stars will extend duration of treading and underwater time. Super Stars will also learn breaststroke, sidestroke and elementary back stroke. This process entails perfecting arms, breathing, and stroke timing with head and body rotation. Super Stars must have instructor's approval to advance to the Gold Medal class.

Gold Medalist (7 years - Adult)
Now is the time to master the freestyle, backstroke, sidestroke and breaststroke. This process is reached through lap and distance practice with concentration on endurance and precision. Gold Medalist will learn "catch up" and flip turns to transition into competitive swim if they choose to advance further. Gold Medalist class is offered at all sessions with a minimum of 6 per class.

Water Workout (adults only)
Want to blast away mega calories this summer? Because of the extra resistance that water provides, aqua-based athletics are an awesome way to tone your muscles without jarring your joints. Plus, there is no better way to beat the heat than chilling in a pool. So grab your suit and towel and try these body shaping aquatic moves. Adult Water Workout classes are offered during the 6:15 pm evening sessions. (available M, W evening at 6:15pm)

IRVSRA Learn to Swim Program
The IRVSRA Learn to Swim Program places individuals with special needs in a designated, inclusive swim class based on their swimming skills. An IRVSRA swimming assistant works one-on-one with the individual, providing instruction and assistance. For more information or to register, please call DeDe at (309) 347-7275.



Summer is a great time to join a team and participate in local swim meets! Swimmers can choose to swim competitively or noncompetitively.  Practices will focus on breathing techniques and improving strokes while refining their overall fitness and endurance. The competitive program will have approximately eight meets (four home and four away meets) with most scheduled on Tuesday and/or Thursday evenings. To join, competitive and noncompetitive swimmers must be able to swim comfortably with their face in the water for 25 yards.


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