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Lagoon Update 7-10-19:

In the continuing process of keeping our lagoon a healthy and pleasant environment we have taken many proactive approaches this year. Today we added a blue dye that is specially formulated for aquatic ecospheres. This dye will help decrease the amount of photosynthesis that may occur and inhibit the late season blooms of Algae and Curly Leaf Pond Weed. This product is environmentally safe to humans, water fowl, and aquatic creatures. It will not adversely affect the oxygenation of the water. The dye will fade over time and the pond will return to a natural color. In the meantime, please enjoy the Pekin Park’s Blue Lagoon and know that the Park District is continuing to work hard to provide enjoyable parks and locations for all.

6-17-19: Resolution 19-8: A Resolution Reaffirming Commitment to Offering a Public Pool for the Pekin Park District Residents

6-14-19: Pekin Park Sports Complex: All Paths Are Now Hard Surface. Click Link for Full Story


Lagoon Update 6-7-19:

We would like to update everyone on the actions we are taking for our lagoon. 

We have continued our work of keeping the lagoon a healthy aquatic ecosystem, which we believe it is based on conversations with a Fish Biologist at the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.  The important thing to remember is that it is a lagoon and that it behaves as such. 

Algae, Curly Leaf Pondweed, Watermeal, Duckweed, Eurasian Watermilfoil, etc., are all naturally growing plant life which thrive in healthy aquatic environments.  Unfortunately, while natural, they are not aesthetically pleasing or desirable and therefore we are working at keeping them controlled.  Please note that we say controlled and not non-existent, as these plants oxygenate the water, provide shade and shelter for fish, and create feeding areas that allow the fish to live.

From discussions with a pond management company, our current system of control involves monthly applications of All Season Bacteria & Water Conditioner, which promotes the healthy breakdown of bio-waste material that coats the bottom of the lagoon that has built up several feet since the last time the lagoon was dredged.  While it is a long-term process that will take up to a year to begin to see results, this product should help to increase the depth of the lagoon naturally and increase the amount of healthy natural bacteria within the lagoon.

We are using Aquathol to treat the Curly Leaf Pondweed.  This has already had a positive effect and the Curly Leaf Pondweed has been dying off to desirable levels.

For the control of Algae growth, we have replaced the Copper Sulfate treatment with Diquat, a product that does not leave residuals, such as copper, behind after it has been absorbed by the plant life.

All of these products are eco-friendly.

It is important to understand we do not have experts on staff in regard to pond management. Professional advice is sought after in order to help the Park District strive in keeping the lagoon environment healthy and pleasing to the public.  We cannot anticipate every undesired event which occurs, but we will always exhaust all resources to identify problems and enact a solution.

It is our hope that our new long-term plan will continue to make the lagoon at Mineral Springs Park a focal point for enjoyment of the entire Pekin community. 

Thank you for interests, concerns, and input regarding the health and care of our lagoon.

The Pekin Park District




On Monday, May 14,2019, the pumps that operate the large slides at DragonLand Water Park failed. After consulting with the experts who originally built DragonLand, it was determined that the pumps were damaged beyond repair. They will need to be replaced entirely which is a large scale renovation project that will take many months to complete. Unfortunately, that means DragonLand will operate this summer without the large body slide and tube slide. Although the slides will not be operational this summer, the pool and small Dragon Slide are currently operational and WILL be open during regular public swim hours 7 days per week 12p – 5p beginning May 25, 2019.


Due to the loss of the slides for the 2019 season, admission to DragonLand Water Park will be discounted to $4.50 per person with children age 3 and under still free.


Part of our facilities review last fall considered DragonLand’s twenty-seven-year-old pool liner, and the plumbing and mechanical system. The pool liner and plumbing to the pool are in good shape. The mechanical system is in a condition where the Park District needs to consider replacing it. The Park District has been looking at ways to fund a complete revamp of its mechanical system after the 2019 season to be ready for the 2020 season and another 25 to 30 years thereafter. Ways the Park District is looking to fund this project, while still maintaining the tax levy and rates as has been over the years, are either through the Pekin Park Foundation or through the Park District’s debt certificates and refunding of bonds. Also, as part of this project, the Park District is looking at re-coating/recoloring and make any necessary repairs to the water slides to extend their life. The approximate total cost for these projects is between $550,000 to $600,000.

One of the directions of the 2017 Community-Wide Recreation Interests Survey and 2018-2021 Strategies Blueprint – Moving Forward is to maintain and improve what the Park District has. The Park District has been reviewing amenity and facility conditions where feasible to begin the process of creating short and long range capital asset inventory, improvement and replacement plans.

The Pekin Park District and staff (particularly of DragonLand Water Park) appreciate your understanding while the pump replacement is being addressed and still look forward to providing a family friendly venue for all to enjoy.


Pekin Park District
Board of Commissioners

Approves Strategic Plan

November 29, 2018

Click to view:
"Moving Forward" - A Strategies
Blueprint 2018-2021


Enjoy an aerial view of Mineral Springs Park, courtesy of Bland Productions: http://vimeo.com/109396331




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